Who is Henry Minis?


Once upon a time,

in the land known as Savannah, Georgia, a tiny little explorer named Henry Minis was born. Right from the beginning, this little guy developed a natural affinity for adventure, art, and all round trouble-making. As he grew older, he fixed his gaze on the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he was able to sharpen his skills as a creative designer, craftsman, and artist. Today, he keeps himself sharp with an abundance of hobbies and he still maintains the same desire for exploration into the unknown as he did when he was a hyper-active little tyke.


My soapbox

Design is like a weapon; dangerous, but in the right hands, capable of great good. My goal as a designer is to use my skills to influence positive changes in people and culture while satisfying my natural cravings for a variety of creative outlets. I enjoy creative problem-solving, working collaboratively, and I love working with my hands.